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I had Pleasure of meeting Goddess Dorothy in 2007, Nothing like being in the Apple. Goddess Dorothy dressed in slick ensemble! Hair decked in beautiful spiraled curls, right eye covered, catlike eyes dawned in smouldering black, lips stained red, white satin camisole, 3/4 blazer, leather mini tennis skirt, nude black pantyhose, 5 in stilettos.

Goddess Dorothy, "Ready to step into the play house?" I smiled, "Yes."

A, playhouse Dark, Mysterious, sounds coming down hallway, cries of passion, snap of whips, firm commands from Goddess Dorothy.. People leaving sessions, smiles, happy, and satisfied. Dorothy changed into black latex catsuit, always highlighting bodily features. Goddess Dorothy, "Aren't you going to prepare for session?" "No, this is me." dressed in shorts, red/black flannel and Dr. Marten Magdelena's. We walk down a corridor, turn right, entered a room filled with nylons, thigh highs, selection of whips, feathers, circular bed laced with silk sheets accompanied with leather restraints.

Apparently client is big on tickling, restraints, loves to be chased with soft leather whips, light tickling/wrestling. he arrives with a dozen roses, and graciously presents gift.. Goddess Dorothy, "Kneel before Me, kiss My stiletto." he obeys, entered room on all fours, "What a good puppy." "Now, Strip.." Goddess Dorothy says with sweet rasp, "u know drill.." he disrobes obediently to down to Speedo and puts on latex shorts, collar, and crawls to favorite toy, and sits. Dorothy walks over to him, and lightly pats head. Goddess Dorothy begins countdown, 3,2,1 and he gets up and bolts!! The chase ensues, I grab nylons, pantyhose, anything my little hands can grasp. I put nylons around my hands, Dorothy flanks right, I go left, and we tackle him to floor.

Laughter fills room, he's down, Dorothy immediately grabs a pair of thigh highs, and runs thigh high over his face, and gently ties around his eyes. My hands and nails lightly caressing his chest, worked hands into sides worked into a light tickle, and he begins to laugh...

"Oh, want to be tortured." I whispered into his ear as I begin tickle attack! Worked My hands into his sides into upper armpit My fingers are light, firm, and dexterous.

He's dizzy with laughter, Dorothy goes to retrieve his favorite toy, a pink feathered boa. he freezes, I'm curious, so I stop... Dorothy hangs boa like a pendulum swinging back and forth as feather caress his face suddenly he's hypnotised. She then kneels by his side caressed face, and begins to shimmie boa in between his thighs..

he squirms, and proceeds to bolt. Dorothy fully in command, "Halt.." She says. As Dorothy uses boa as a leash, She led him over to favorite toys, she whispers, "bad boy it's time for a paddling." Picked pink soft suede riding crop, and *Crack* Dorothy lands blow with precision enough to leave a slight mark. his heini jumps as he steadies himself for the blow. "ur going to learn how to control urges!" Dorothy says in a low firm voice. "I do not want to see a hard thing anywhere on ur person!" Two more quick hits, he steadied himself without making a sound.

Marked end of session



I was always the “Bossman”, both at work and at home. At work everyone seemed to come to me for support, even those who were on my level. My wife, who was a year older than me also seemed to prefer a more “traditional” role at home – or so I thought...

It was a year into our marriage. Before I met my wife I had been quite heavily into the queer stuff and I had made a solemn vow to her on our wedding day that I would never touch drugs again. Then she caught me in the garage, smoking a joint.

In a furious and very cold voice she told me to go into the living room and wait for her by the sofa. She intended to punish me in the way I obviously needed. I did as she asked, eager to please her since I realised she was angry enough to end our marriage over this.

My wife came into the room. When I saw her, in that neat little skirt and jacket she wore for work and those high black patent leather court shoes I could feel my cock stirring in my pants. She really was an extremely sexy woman. The fact that she was angry and clearly had taken control of the situation didn’t put a lid on things at all, rather the opposite.

She sat down on the edge of the sofa and patted on her lap.

- Get over her and place yourself bottom up over my lap!

I did as I was told, but as I started to bend across her lap I felt her hand grab the hair at the back of my head and tug me back up.

- I said this was punishment, you moron! Pull your pants down and let them hang around your knees. Then place yourself across my lap!

This was beginning to get a bit weird. My wife was treating me like a naughty boy and I actually liked it!

Down came my trousers and I soon found myself across her lap with my hands held firmly behind my back. It felt like an hour that I was balancing across her lap whilst she was watching telly. I could feel her hand caressing my arse cheeks and started to relax, maybe this was going to be the end of it.

Then – SMACK – I felt her hand leave my arse for a moment and it was brought back down with a force I had thought my wife incapable of.

- You really do have an awfully nice little tushie. I am so much going to enjoy making it bright red. It will suit you, don’t you think?

I was about to answer when my reply was swiftly turned into a moan at the pain from the next slap she delivered.

- You – Have – Been – Such – a – Very – Very – BAD – Boy!

Each word was accompanied with a very hard slap and I could feel how my arse was starting to burn. Surely her hand must be hurting more than this. I knew how much she hated pain, she would soon stop. But she just kept going. She must have been spanking me non stop for at least ten minutes before I felt the force of her slaps ease a bit. Then her feet must have been killing her cause I saw her take off her shoes.

When she bent down to pick up one pf the shoes I started getting suspicious. Was she going to keep spanking me with that shoe? My suspicion was founded, she just kept slapping me – now with the shoe – harder and harder. The pain was unbelievable and she didn’t stop until tears ran down my face.

- Are you sorry for what you did?
- Yes Slap
-Yes, what?
-Yes, Ma’am

She let go of my wrists but her other hand was still holding the shoe.

- I think you still need a reminder of your position. You do know that unless you accept the punishments I choose to give you, you will simply get the boot out of our marriage, don’t you?

This time I remembered how to respond and there was no need to slap me again. Then she told me that she would give me a little aid, just to act as a little reminder for the rest of the day. Sweat broke out on my forehead when I felt the tip of the heel of her boot press against my arse hole. The shoe would be attached to my bottom all day and all evening, just so I could feel what it felt like to be booted out, she said.

I yelped as she pressed the heel home. Then she dragged me into the bedroom and put me on my back on the bed. She climbed on top and rode me until both of us exploded in intense orgasms.

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